Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Review – All Features

Well folks, when it comes to single deck blackjack games, what you see is what you get. Learn about Microgaming’s version of the game in this Vegas Single Deck Blackjack review. The game is set on a green table with all pertinent information clearly marked right on the centre of the table for the user’s benefit. The beautifully animated casino game is accompanied by the cheerful sounds of a casino and a wonderful jazz soundtrack that transports you straight to your favourite New York piano bar. However, because this game is online, nobody will give you dirty looks if you decide to play in your tracksuit.

A hand of the Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game from Microgaming
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This Vegas Single Deck Blackjack review is designed to provide you, the gamer, with all of the information you need to know regarding the rules, features and playing style of the Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game. Hopefully after reading this review, you will know if this variant is the right one for you. The developer, of this specific blackjack game, is quite prominent at online casinos around the net, but if you find yourself interested to play Vegas Single Deck Blackjack online, I recommend clicking the red button above. It will take you to my top casino to play the game.

Play the Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Game for Free

If you take a quick glance at any online casino, you will be greeted with a myriad of different blackjack options. A superficial look suggests that most these games are the same, but don’t be fooled, each game variant offers players a plethora of different options when it comes to betting and strategies. If when reading the game’s rules, you become annoyed by the demo’s “push”-y dealer, who constantly asks for bets, you can hit the game’s mute option. If you’d like to become acquainted with the game before you play Vegas Single Deck Blackjack for real money, you can find a free demo below.

The Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game from Microgaming.

By now you are probably familiar with most of the features and rules of the Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game (all of which can be found in the “game rules” section of the demo). However, if you don’t want to take the time to read them, the next section of this Vegas Single Deck Blackjack review looks at the table game’s rules and the overall experience it provides players, like you, when gaming.

Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Rules and Features

Although to many players, the game of blackjack is pretty straight-forward, everyone might not be familiar with it. If you’re one of the latter types, you can check out my handy guide to the basic rules of blackjack. The Vegas Single Deck Blackjack rules are essentially the same as other variants of this casino staple. The objective is to add the cards in your hand together in hopes of reaching a higher point total (or value) than the dealer. If you bust, or get higher than 21, you lose. Most versions of blackjack are played with multiple decks designed to give the house a slight edge, but this aptly named game is played with a single deck. Seasoned players know that this makes it easier to count cards, a common strategy that gives players and even better chance at winning. If you’d like to learn more about counting cards, after reading this Vegas Single Deck Blackjack review, check out my useful guide to blackjack card counting. With this guide, you will find all the information needed to set you down the right path.

The Vegas Single Deck Blackjack online game is a Hole Card came, which means there is one card dealt face down. When the dealer is dealt an Ace or a card with a value of ten, they can peek at their cards to see if they got a blackjack. Like most other blackjack games, a blackjack pays 3:2. You can split two cards if they have the same denomination or value. Any 21s dealt on split hands payout the normal 1:1 for a victory and do not count as blackjacks. The game does not offer a surrender option, but it does allow you to either double down (if you have a hard hand with a value of 9,10, or 11) or to make an insurance bet. If a dealer gets blackjack, an insurance bet will restore half of your original wager at odds of 2:1. One last thing to help give players an edge, is that in this Vegas Single Deck Blackjack game, the dealer must hit on a soft 17 (hand with an Ace valued at 11). The table game has a pleasing 99.60% RTP, which mixed with the games various betting methods, makes Microgaming’s blackjack variant perfect for those gamblers looking for some fun.

Play Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Online for Real Money

This is the end of my Vegas Single Deck Blackjack review, and I hope it was informative enough and provided you with all of the info you were looking for. You can now start playing for real money, but if you aren’t quite convinced yet, you can have a look at my review of the best blackjack casinos. This is a guide designed to expose players to all aspects of online blackjack. If you’d already like to take the plunge, follow the link below to play this game at my casino of choice.