Super Fun 21 Review – Play This Blackjack Variant

Renowned for its fast pace and high stakes feel, Super Fun 21 is a fresh and exciting take on the traditional blackjack game. Created by Howard Grossman in 1999, the game became an immediate hit with players and can be found in many different casinos across the Las Vegas strip. The Super Fun 21 blackjack variant was developed by software juggernaut, Microgaming, made famous for its high-quality in-game graphics, smooth sounds and riveting gameplay. If you are new to blackjack, don’t be put off, the rules are extremely simple to learn and of course, the game is called ‘Super Fun’ for a reason! You’ll be able to play Super Fun 21 at most online Microgaming casinos, although, you can check out my recommended online casino below.

A game of Super Fun 21 Blackjack, before any cards are dealt.
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For this Super Fun 21 review, I will take you through the ins and outs of the game including the main rules and gameplay features, before giving you my ultimate conclusion on playing this game for real money at online casinos in the UK today.

Play the Super Fun 21 Game – For Free!

Considering this game has lots of unique features that you would not typically see in a traditional blackjack game, I would suggest trying out the free version of the game before playing at any Super Fun 21 real money casinos. This gives you the added bonus of playing for as long as you please, without the risk of losing lots of money whilst you are trying to learn the rules. You can play Super Fun 21 for free below if you like.

An cover image for the embedded version of the Super Fun 21 game, with a player hand value of 15.

Having a superior understanding of the rules can dramatically impact your chances of succeeding in any blackjack game and Super Fun 21 is no different. For a complete rundown of the rules of the game, just keep on reading!

Super Fun 21 Blackjack – A Summary of Rules and Features

Played with one standard deck of 52-cards, the cards are shuffled before the beginning of each game. The card values do not defer that much from the traditional rules of blackjack, with the aces still valued at either 1 or 11, face cards at 10, and all others based on the number of the card. The main distinguishing characteristics of Super Fun 21 revolve around the bonus winning combination payouts for each hand. For instance, the player will win automatically if they have a six-card hand with a total of 20 or less. Additionally, a diamond blackjack pays 2:1 as does a five-card 21. The standard blackjack hand will only pay out even money, however, with the other bonus winning payout rules, this is more than acceptable. Plus, any blackjack you play will always beat the dealers.

In addition to these winning rules, players can double down at any point or surrender if you think your outlook of beating the dealer is becoming unlikely. These variations provide players with more flexibility on how much they want to put down on any given table which typically results in a more fast-moving game. This can create the effect of going on streaks, which some players like and others do not. If you prefer higher stakes games, then this variant might be the one for you. There is no associated side bet with the game yet.

Play Super Fun 21 for Real Money!

It’s easy to see how the game got its catchy name, the gameplay is fast, fluid and the opportunity to win is there. Now that you’ve had a chance to digest the rules and special features from this Super Fun 21 review you are ready for the Super Fun 21 real money casinos. Just make sure you’ve put in plenty of practice first on the free demo version. As I mentioned before, you should expect to find this game at most Microgaming casinos, however, my top casino for this game would be Betway Casino. The operator boasts a top mobile app and a sterling live casino experience, in addition to the realm of the markets top games. You could also try Atlantic City Blackjack or Buster Blackjack for something a bit different, or head home for the full online casino lowdown.

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