A Guide to the Unibet Casino Bonus & Other Promotions

Bonus wars, the term given to the practice of online casinos offering bigger and bigger bonuses in an attempt to capture new players in a growing market, is coming to an end. As wagering requirements are being clamped down on by the regulatory powers in Government, operators are having to get creative. In this Unibet Casino bonus review, I will walk you through the welcome bonus and promotional offers up for grabs at this bookmaker’s online casino site. There’s a couple of decent deals here, so let’s get stuck in.

The Unibet Casino Welcome Bonus
  • 200% Welcome Bonus up to £200
  • Free Spins up to 190
  • Wagering Requirement 35x before withdrawing
  • Validity Period 30 Days
Welcome Bonus £200 Bonus Code: Not required

The stand out Unibet Casino bonus figure would not have raised any eyebrows 12 months ago but, as I’ve mentioned, the industry is changing. A couple of hundred quid is nothing to be sniffed at in 2018, especially if the terms and conditions are favourable. This operator claims that it pays out 97% of the deposited money to customers, but I’ll pick that statement apart later so stay tuned. For now, let’s start with the main Unibet Casino welcome bonus and deposit offers.

All Offers for New Players in Detail6

The Unibet Casino Welcome Bonus

Unibet Casino’s welcome bonus is a 200% deposit match up to a maximum of £200. You’ll need to deposit £100 to claim the full £200 in bonus funds. For players looking to deposit significantly more than that, there are still a couple £1k+ bonuses around for the more frivolous to take advantage of, such as Betway’s welcome deal. Honestly, though, if you have got a grand spare there are more intelligent ways to spend it than tying it up in a website’s terms and conditions policy – trust me! The Unibet wlcome offer is reasonably sized and will appeal to the average mid-roller type gambler.

There are also a handful of free spins available for new players at Unibet Casino, depending on how much players are willing to spend. You’ll get 10 free spins on selected NetEnt games regardless of if you commit to your bankroll or not, but free-spending casino fans can claim up to 190 on top for deposit the full £100. A sliding scale is in place here. Drop £50 and you’ll get 90 free spins. Spend £75 and you’ll net 140, and so on. As with anything in this world of ours, nothing is real ‘free’, and this welcome deal is no exception.

Useful Info about Bonus Conditions and Wagering Requirements

You have heard the phrase ‘there is no such thing as free lunch’, and it is especially true in this business. Capitalism does not give you £200, no strings attached, and in the online gambling business has more strings than Eric Clapton’s guitar collection. These ‘strings’ come in the form of wagering requirements – a defined number of times you must gamble winnings before you are allowed to withdraw them into a real-world bank account. The bottom line at Unibet is 35 times your deposit amount. Thirty-five is not the worst number in the business, but it’s far from the best. There is also a 25 times requirement attached to anything you make as the result of those free spins as well.

Wagering Requirements at Unibet Casino
  • Roulette 10% All varieties
  • Blackjack 10% All varieties
  • Slots 100% Excluding: Twin Spin, Fairytale Legends etc.
  • Video Poker 10% Excluding: All Aces and Jacks
  • 0% Scratch Cards All Varieties
  • 0% Casino Poker Casino Hold’em
  • 0% Live Games Depends on game type
  • 0% Dice Games Such as craps

Unibet Casino is one of the more transparent online operators in terms of explaining this catch to players through, and for that, it must be commended. The company does a good job of explaining that if you, for example, receive a Unibet Casino bonus £50 you’ll need to bet £1,750 to complete the wagering requirement. In other words, you need to win 35 times in a row to claim to get your hands on the full amount. Slots count 100% towards your requirement, but video and live tables only count 10%. Fancying spending your bonus at the blackjack table? You’ll need to win 350 times in a row to cash out your full bonus. Good luck!


Modern online operators don’t just stop at the welcome bonus these days. Players are getting wise to the wagering system and, as a result, are demanding more and more incentive in a swollen market. There are currently has a couple of extra Unibet Casino promotions to sweeten the deal for those not keen on the welcome bonus. It’s always worth keeping an eye on your online operator’s promotions page. This area of the business is getting really creative as more and more sites seek to grab a slice of this £13bn a year industry.

The £40,000 Live Casino Tournament

One of the Unibet Casino promotions that is potentially worth your attention is the live casino tournament worth £40,000. At the beginning of every month, Unibet tots up the players with the highest turnover at live dealer tables and awards a range of prizes to the busiest players. First place is worth £5,000 and players finishing from 4th down to 100th can expect to earn anywhere between £1,000 and £20. An additional 100 players receive a raffle ticket to win a share of £20,000.

You only need to play one round at a live dealer table, such as blackjack, to qualify for the tournament. Remember, though, that the setup rewards players with the highest turnover and only the top 100 are eligible for the cash handouts. In our gambling-addicted society, you may end up having to spend more than the first £5,000 top prize just to qualify for this tournament. There is no way of really knowing how much of a false economy it is though, as Unibet does not disclose the amounts that players turned over each month.

The Full List of Unibet Casino Payment Methods8

Before you skip down to the next section and write this off as technical drivel, hear me out. Payment methods are worth considering for several reasons. Of course, a lot of players are happy to sign up to an online gambling site, slap their credit card details into the system and get on with. And that’s fine if you just want to start playing. However, players more concerned with issues surrounding privacy and security are catered for as well. You can see a full overview of the accepted Unibet Casino payment methods, including the processing times, minimum and maximum limits and any fees involved with using the method, below.

Payment Method Deposit/Withdrawal* Processing Time Limits Min/Max** Fees
Yes Instant £5 – £10,000
Yes 5-7 days £5 – £10,000
Yes Instant £10 – £800
Yes Instant £10 – £10,000
Yes 1-2 days £10 – £10,000
Yes Instant £5 – £10,000
Yes 1-2 days £5 – £10,000
Yes Instant Unlimited
Yes 5-7 days Unlimited

There are advantages to not using plastic when it comes to topping up your online casino balance. Players who do not want to hand over their credit card details to a company registered in a tax haven might prefer something like PayPal. By using an e-wallet, the need to pass on your sensitive information is removed allowing players to deposit using just an email address. You can fund your account without handing over any banking information to anyone as well, by purchasing a prepaid card such as paysafecard from your local newsagents or high street retailer. You will, however, have to compromise your privacy if you ever want to get your back out.

The Final Verdict

The Unibet Casino welcome bonus is, on the whole, fairly typical for the UK market. The 200% deposit match is nice in an industry where 100% is the gold standard. The wagering requirements, however, are a little steep for players hoping to spend their bonus cash on anything other than slots. For slots fans though, this is about as good as you can hope for from an online casino in this country today.

Welcome Bonus £200 Get Bonus!
Unibet Casino Bonus Pros and Cons
  • Major Strengths
  • 200% Match Bonus
  • Major Weaknesses
  • None
  • Minor Strengths
  • None
  • Minor Weaknesses
  • Slightly high wagering requirements

You can, of course, decline the bonus. I am often asked why on earth a player would want to do this. Unibet does not place wagering requirements on your original deposit, so you might as well take the free cash. The key to online casino bonuses is perception. It’s important to treat your bonus funds as a limited period of ‘free’ real money play. The likelihood of ever cashing out a bonus is slim, but if you know this going in there is no reason why you can’t enjoy some real money slot, blackjack or roulette without risking your own cash.

Questions and Answers

Do you have a question which I failed to answer in this Unibet Casino bonus review? Please, don’t hesitate to send it to me at contact@casinoreviews.co.uk. I try to answer all questions as soon as possible and will post the answer here for all to see.

Unibet says that 97% of deposits are paid back to customers? Sounds too good to be true!

It does, doesn’t it? I looked into this as it’s not every day an online casino makes a claim like this. The 97% figure is given as the result of the casino’s overall RTP, calculated between January 2015 and October 2015. This raises two questions. Firstly, why is the data set so old? Data from 2015 is not really relevant to players in 2018. Secondly, the overall RTP is applied to every bet. If you have to turn over your money 30 times, you are losing 3% or your bonus each time. Still, in theory at least, you will still have a little left over at the end of 30 x a 3% loss.