Premier Roulette Review – The Pertinent Information

This classic table game has become popular all over the UK in both online and land-based casinos. For me, one of the main appeals of the game is that the player can decide on the level of risk involved in their wager, because there are so many different ways to play. If you already know how you like to play, you can certainly head straight to play Premier Roulette at my recommended casino below or stick with this Premier Roulette review to learn a little more.

An in-game image of Premier Roulette from Microgaming.
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In this review, I’ll be sticking closely to the specific rules, payouts and gameplay tactics as relevant to this particular variant as developed by Microgaming, so if you don’t understand the basic terminology, I’d first recommend you to have a quick read through my explanation of the basic rules. Then, we’ll both be sure that my explanations will make sense, and you’ll be able to tell if you want to play Premier Roulette.

Play a Premier Roulette Demo for Free

With the plethora of different online casinos and virtual roulette options to play, finding the right casino that happens to have the right variant for your personal tastes can be a bit of a convoluted process. Signing up, confirming your ID, loading your account with real money funds… imagine going through all of that, just to find out that your game of choice isn’t even available! As there are lots of operators – many of which I have writtenthorough casino reviews about – with similar collections of games, it can be in your favour to find the right one first, then pick a casino that offers it. Check out the Premier Roulette demo below to see if it’s a good choice for you.

Enjoy Microgaming's Premier Roulette game for free.

Round and round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows! Though the children’s rhyme seems to fit here, in Premier Roulette, the wheel actually never stops spinning. Whether that’s because it’s easier for the software developers to program it this way, or if it is for an aesthetic reason, the slightly-too slow spin is mildly infuriating. However, this has nothing to do with the way you actually play the game – which you’ll find in the rest of this Premier Roulette review.

The Game Rules

The Premier Roulette rules are simple to understand as they are based on the standard European roulette rules, and there aren’t any special features, unique betting options or interesting alterations to understand. The standard outside wagers include the even money odds of red/black, odd/even and high/low, and the column and dozen bets, which pay out at 2:1. The inside bets are where you find the bigger payouts, with lines paying 5:1, squares paying 8:1, streets paying 11:1 and splits at 17:1. The highest risk, and therefore highest reward, comes from winning a straight up wager – pick your favourite number and if you land on it then you will win your wager back at 35:1 odds.

The layout of the game itself makes it very clear and easy to see exactly where to place your chips to make your wager(s) of choice. There is the standard table, as well as the racetrack with the French-inspired wagering patterns, and there’s also a drop-down list of call bets. You can access the Premier Roulette rules by clicking the question mark. You can adjust the number of neighbours for your wagers up to eight, and also save up to five of your own custom patterns if you have a particular grouping of numbers you think are lucky. That’s not the only customisation option – you can also choose the colour of the table and the speed of gameplay. Though there aren’t any special side wagering options or anything, the developers have spent time to add a lot of other information to the Premier Roulette game display. There’s an LED-style noticeboard of the most recent winning numbers, as well as a detailed history page full of statistics.

Review Conclusion

Now that you’ve read my Premier Roulette review, you’ll be well acquainted with the rules and payouts, and hopefully be able to make a decision whether it is the right choice for you. If you’re not sure yet, you can play the Premier Roulette demo a few more times or read some of my recent reviews of other variants to see if there’s something better suited to you. If and when you’re ready to play Premier Roulette for real money, the casino below has this game available in its collection, and a sweet welcome bonus for new players, too. If you