Premier Roulette Diamond Edition Online – Simple and Sweet

Don’t let this game’s name deceive you – leading casino software developer, Microgaming, has kept things simple in this game. This variant has become most popular among newcomers to the popular table game for its simplicity and easy-to-use layout. This review is here to give you a bit of further insight into the game’s rules, possible strategies, give you a shot on a free demo, plus highlight a recommended casino to play Premier Roulette Diamond Edition for real money.

An in-game image of Premier Roulette Diamond Edition from Microgaming.
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If you’re already ready to play Premier Roulette Diamond Edition online with real money, feel free to click on the button above to head directly to my chosen casino, where you can also take advantage of a welcome offer if you’re making a new player account. If you’re intrigued, but still want to know more about the game before you reach that stage, continue reading below for some of the most pertinent information that all gamblers need to know. It’s always good to know what you’re getting into, and I’ve already done the research for you, so why not?

Play Premier Roulette Diamond Edition Free Here

There is no substituting for getting hands-on experience with a casino game, but I can understand the hesitance to jump right in the deep end. To play Premier Roulette Diamond Edition at an online casino is to play with your hard-earned money, after all – it’s best to know what you’re getting into before you make any costly mistakes. You can get your hands right into a Premier Roulette Diamond Edition free demo in the window below.

A demo of the Premier Roulette Diamond Edition game from Microgaming.

Immediately when opening the demo, you’ll see the nicely-animated spinning mahogany wheel, complete with an enormous sparkly diamond topping its post. Because, of course, the price is no object when it comes to decorating the Premier Roulette Diamond Edition casino assets. The wheel is accompanied by tall stacks of chips, gently nestling the bowl and giving the appearance of large wins. In front, lies the table itself, with all of your standard betting options splayed across.

Expert Insight into the Game’s Features

If you boil roulette down to its bare essentials, it’s completely a guessing game: predict where the ball will fall, out of 37 numbered pockets. Of course, it’s impossible to know where chance will bring the ball to rest, but that doesn’t stop the most enthusiastic of statisticians from developing convoluted betting patterns to better improve your chances of winning. To keep things simple, the software developer, Microgaming, has done away with some of the more confusing Call Bets (unless you’re playing in Expert Mode) and left the most popular outside bets as your only options here. This is not a bad thing if you’re a beginner, but if Voisins du Zero is your favoured betting pattern then this game is not for you.

Therefore, the betting options and provided information is a little on the minimal side, until you click into the View Statistics button on the top-right of the display. Here, you’ll find all of the results from the most recent spins, displayed nicely in some colour-coded bar charts and a circular graph which, funnily enough, includes the Call Bets that you can’t actually place. Well, unless you know the complicated placements off the top of your head, that is. There’s just no simple button to play that pattern for you, which I suppose does make it a little bit more like a land-based casino in some respects. A click on the very small white question mark above the statistics will provide the help menu, which offers all the rules and payouts. The payouts are exactly the industry standard with straight up bets paying 35:1, splits at 17:1, and 50/50 bets like red/black, high/low and odd/even paying even money so you’re not in for any surprises there.

Conclusion – Stary Playing for Real

One thing I’ve not yet mentioned, that actually is a real asset in my eyes, is the ability to customise the colour of the table’s felt. This may sound like a small detail, but as the Premier Roulette Diamond Edition online game is clearly designed with beginners in mind, its highly likely that these little touches will be well received. The game has a standard roulette payout of 97.3% so you’ve got just as much luck as most any other roulette variant, so it’s only if you’re really into convoluted betting patterns that I would suggest you look at a different game. Otherwise, the simplicity gives a bit of class to an online casino game, and you can play it now at my recommended operator below.

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