Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold – Is Eight Your Lucky Number?

Everyone has a lucky number, don’t they? Roulette players all do, and I’m sure that for some of you, that number is somewhere between seven and nine. If so, imagine the joy of betting on lucky number eight, across eight spinning wheels, all at one time. It almost sounds too joyous to be true. Joking aside though, you find yourself on a page dedicated to Microgaming’s Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold online game.

An in-game image of Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold from Microgaming.
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If you already can’t wait to get spinning, then jump on over to my recommended Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold casino by clicking above and play for real money. Otherwise, stick around and I will take you through all of the details that you will need in order to figure out if this is the game for you. This page will cover the rules in full, as well as letting you test out the game for free in a full demo.

Play Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold Free

Before I take you through the full rules, you can get a feel for the game in the Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold free demo below. This way, when you come to play with your own wallet open, you won’t become transfixed by the sight of so many wondrous wheels spinning in sync and lose your head under the pressure. Instead, relax, try out a few different strategies, and see how many wheels you like playing at once, without risking anything real.

A demo of the Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold game from Microgaming.

The Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold free demo also gives you a chance to get to grips with the rules. There isn’t anything here that will startle an experienced roulette player, but if you are new to the game, or just new to gambling online, the visual layout with all of the buttons might be a tad overwhelming at first. That’s why it’s always best to try a game out beforehand, and to make sure that you have gone through the rules in full.

Full Game Details

If you are familiar with the standard European roulette rules, then you will be well within your comfort zone with this title from Microgaming. There are no special side bets to speak of, but all of the usual inside and outside bets are available. You can view the table bets or place chips on the racetrack setup based on your own preference, as you would expect. You may also place neighbour bets, as well as having a long list of call bets available to you. One really nice feature of this game is that you can setup your own betting layouts, save up to eight of them, and so give yourself the chance to quickly place complex and personalised bets without lots of hassle. For those of you who are new to the game, and were lost after I mentioned inside bets, I apologise to you. But, either check out my roulette strategy page, or the rules guide linked above in order to get an idea of the basics.

This game only differs from the standard setup in one way: the number of wheels. For every spin, you have the choice to activate up to eight roulette wheels, multiplying your bet and also your potential winnings. This takes the meager maximum bet of £80 on even odds bets up to a much more generous £640. This setup doesn’t actually affect the return to player (RTP) rate, as each wheel increases your stake as well as odds of winning, but it does increase the chances of you experiencing the rush of a win. So, it is simple really, if you like to bet big, and look for infrequent, large wins, this game is not for you. But if you play for the soaring feeling in your stomach when you hear that you have won, no matter how much money is involved, then I’d recommend that you check below at my top Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold real money casinos and get playing.

Conclusion – Perfect for Your Octopus Friends

Obviously, you don’t actually need eight arms to play this game, as the wheels are automated (and digital), but it can look a bit overwhelming when you first load it. Microgaming has made sure that all betting options and strategies are easily available to you, adding a little to the visual busyness. But, this is a solid roulette variant, with an industry-standard RTP of over 97%, regular payouts on each bet type, and excellent graphics. The unique selling point of the Multi Wheel European Roulette Gold online game is very much in the name. It is the excitement that playing across a range of wheels at once that makes this game a great choice for any player who likes to be kept entertained while gambling.

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