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Cross-pollination is everywhere in our saturated media and entertainment industries these days. Such is the desire to maximise the reach of popular franchises, it should come as little surprise to see another Monopoly Roulette game enter the market. In this Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties review, I’ll put the latest spin-off through its paces, bringing you not only my thoughts on the highly-anticipated bonus round, but I’ll also cover the basics of how to play Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties if you’re new to this variant.

An in-game image of Monopoly Hot Properties Roulette, with three chips placed on the table.
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Compared to other Monopoly Roulette games, which seem visually more expansive, Hot Properties looks more like a mobile game that been blown up for desktop. However, it features one of the most exciting bonus rounds in any roulette variation I’ve seen in this industry. More on that later, and we’ll also explore the other exciting facets of this spin-off title. Stick around for the details!

Play Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties for Free

There are several Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties casinos in the UK, but it is by no means a game library ever-present item. The roulette variant is powered by SG Interactive, although it’s the Barcrest arm of the company that has put this one together. If this is your first experience with a Monopoly Roulette game, or one of the many other online roulette games on the market, I recommend you take the time to get to grips with the basic gameplay by taking advantage of my demo version below, where you can play Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties for free and try out the functionalities and features in full.

Cover image of the embedded Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties game

Once you’ve got to grips with how the game plays, it’s likely that you will want to take things to the next level and dabble in a little bit of real money play. In order to do this, you are going to want to fully understand the rules and the bonus feature that is packaged into Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties online game. It’s ok to learn by trial and error when you’re fooling around with my free demo version, but when you’ve got real Queen’s English pounds on the line, make sure you know exactly what you are doing.

Game Basics and Special Features

Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties follows the same basic gameplay structure as classic European roulette. Numbers one to 36 split across red and black squares, plus the green zero, are all exactly where you’d expect to find them. The option to bet on even money bets such as red, black, odd, even, 1 to 18 and so on, is also there. Racetrack is available offering voisins, orphelins and tiers bets. The major difference here is the yellow HOT pocket on the roulette wheel. Landing this activates the Hot Properties bonus feature, providing a qualifying stake was made by placing a chip on the matching betting surface underneath the red and black betting area.

Three camera angles are available when playing Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties online – a bird’s eye view of the betting surface, an angled view of the table including the wheel, and a racetrack special view. Upon spinning the wheel, the video animation automatically kicks in regardless of which view you are in.

Players can place bets from as little as 1p, but must stake a total of £1 before the wheel can be spun. A maximum total stake of £500 is in place. Single number bets, which pay 36 to 1, are capped at £25. Bets that pay 2 to 1 can be placed up to a maximum of £250. The maximum stake on the Hot Properties Bonus is also £250. The option to double your current stake and spin with one click makes doubling strategies such as Martingale very easy to implement.

Hot Properties Bonus Feature

By placing a minimum bet of £1 on the Hot Properties feature, players can activate a bonus round if the balls lands favourably. The Hot Properties Bonus feature is independent from the main game, and takes place as a separate game. Gameplay is lifted straight from the popular TV show, Deal or No Deal. Players begin by select five of a total of 18 hidden properties from the classic Monopoly Board. Once an initial five have been selected, an offer is made by banker Uncle Pennybags. Players can either accept the offer (collect) or opt to continue picking properties (chance).

Cards hold values similar to the hierarchy that we all know and love. Mayfair is worth the most, Old Kent Road the least, but the actual values will vary depending on how much you originally staked on the Hot Properties feature. Revealing high-value properties will result in a lower offer being made, whilst revealing… you know how this works.

Play Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties for Real Money

Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties provides a welcome change of pace to the tried and tested roulette formula without butchering the core gameplay. There’s nothing that feels gimmicky about this game, and the Hot Properties bonus features, as plagiarised as it is, is still a fun format. You can check out this variant at my number one reviewed Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties casino below. I’ve chosen this one, from a wide range of quality online casinos in the UK due to its handsome bonus amount and wagering conditions related to this particular roulette variant. Hit the big button below to be redirected directly to the sign-up page where you can bag the offer. Consider also Monopoly Tycoon, another fancy roulette version of this game.