Shine Bright Like 1000 Diamond Bet Roulette

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But there’s no need to be gendered about it, the lure of diamonds and riches appeal to just about anyone, hence the attraction of casinos. Everyone knows that casinos are not a way to make a stable income, but the possibility of the ball landing in the 1000 Diamond Bet roulette pocket and returning a big win is what makes this game so enticing. Got a gleam in your eye? Then read on, dear friend.

An in-game image of 1000 Diamond Bet Roulette from Playtech.
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If you know that you are looking for a pretty standard European roulette set-up with a fun extra bet option, then feel free to click above straight away. It’ll take you to my recommended 1000 Diamond Bet Roulette casino, where you can play the game for real money. Make sure to check out the welcome bonus for new users. This page will give you the opportunity to try the game for free, and I’ll talk you through the rules. So, if you aren’t completely transfixed by the sparkles, then stick around for a while.

Give the 1000 Diamond Bet Roulette Free Demo a Spin

As tempting as it can be to dive into a casino game, get spinning that wheel, and scatter some chips across the felt, it is a really good idea to take advantage of a free play version beforehand. You can get familiar with the layout, betting options, and any special features of a particular title, without ever having to risk your hard-earned cash. You can check out a full demo version of 1000 Diamond Bet Roulette free below.

A demo of the 1000 Diamond Bet Roulette game from Playtech.

This is your chance to try out some betting strategies, or simply enjoy the buzz that comes with betting the maximum on a single number. There is no obligation to playing the free demo, and if you run out of credit, you can simply refresh the page. It’s magic. So, take the opportunity to learn the game without spending your own money. Once you’ve had a go, it’s time to take a closer look at the rules.

1000 Diamond Bet Roulette Online Guide

On the whole, the game has the rules of the standard European version of the casino favourite, with all of the common inside and outside bets typical for the game. Straight Up bets pay 35:1, splits are at 17:1, streets 11:1, corners 8:1 and five pays 6:1. The outside bets are also the standard 2:1 or even odds bets. So far, everything is standard. The difference comes when you see the shiny diamond sparkling at you from opposite the one.

The namesake, 1000 Diamond Bet Roulette pocket is where this title really tries to shine. It moves the game closer to the American variant, which features a double zero, opposite the single zero, on the wheel. Here, the pocket is emblazoned with a fistful of carats, and is worth up to 100x the stake, depending on which multiplier is randomly allocated. All of this sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it? The problem here is that this kind of variant affects one of the main benefits that roulette has over some other casino games: the return to player (RTP) rate. While most online roulette RTPs hover somewhere between 96% and 98%, this title’s RTP never reaches 96%, no matter how you play, or what table limits you choose at the beginning. The rules are also unclear as to whether the chosen table limits affect the RTP, or if the range given is merely altered by betting strategies. Either way, you are better off elsewhere if you are looking for a game with a good payout rate.

Conclusion – Diamond, or Just Rough?

I am sure that Playtech would argue that the lower than standard RTP on its 1000 Diamond Bet Roulette online game is more than made up for by the potential excitement caused by the jackpot pocket. I am not sure that this is true, however, as players are always able to make low odds bets in most variants of this casino game. So, this kind of excitement, of watching one number spin round and round, hoping that that tricky little white ball somehow finds its way home, is very familiar to experienced players of any roulette variant. The visuals on the game are of a good quality, however, and if you are looking for a game with a quasi-jackpot feature built in, then this one is as good as any other of this sort. If so, head over to one of these 1000 Diamond Bet Roulette real money casinos, and see how shiny your luck is.

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