Blackjack Super 21 Review – Game Overview

So, you’re a fan of table games – particularly this card game – and are looking for the perfect online version to meet your every need. That’s how you ended up here at my Blackjack Super 21 review, I’d wager. Well, it’s part of a series of online game reviews that I have put together for you, each describing the virtues, disadvantages, rules, tips and tricks to each variant. If you’re already ready to play this version from Playtech, I’ve recommended a great casino below for you.

Playing a hand of the  Blackjack Super 21 game by Playtech.
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There are a large number of different casinos where you can play Playtech’s Super 21 Blackjack online, but that’s my favourite there. However, as always, I like to recommend that my readers have a play of a free demo version before putting down any real money. This way, you can see if it really is the game for you!

Try the Blackjack Super 21 Game for Free

There are no downsides to clicking play on the demo game below and whipping out a few hands of the Blackjack Super 21 online right now. If you’ve got a spare few minutes, you’ll be able to discover the layout of the table, the speed of gameplay, the music and any other customisable features that may affect the atmosphere around the main game.

The Blackjack Super 21 game by Playtech.

Ah, that’s better, see? Always a good idea to try before you buy – and having tried this game myself, I’m sure you’re further intrigued to continue playing for real money. But wait, there’s still more to learn before you do, so have a read of the rest of my Super 21 Blackjack review, which will outline the rules and subtleties of the game.

Blackjack Super 21 Rules and Aesthetics

I’m hoping you’ve come to this review already understanding the rules of blackjack, but I’ll give you a quick overview anyway: you’re playing against the dealer, and whoever has a hand closer to – but not more than – the lucky number 21, will win. The Blackjack Super 21 rules are the same here. The best thing that can happen for you, is that the dealer will deal you an ace and a card worth 10 – that is 21, and an automatic win In this game if you get dealt that hand, you will be paid back your bet at 1:1 odds. There are some other versions of this game that pay out 3:2, so this isn’t the best payout for that particular hand. However, the reason for the lower payout in this game is likely the extra opportunity to win that sets this game apart – the so-called ‘Super 21’. That’s when both the ace and ten are diamonds, which pays back 2:1 – a little extra potential winnings for no additional cash down.

As with many online variants of this card game, the Blackjack Super 21 rules include insurance bets when the dealer is dealt an Ace as its face card. Putting a bet on insurance means that if the dealer has blackjack, you’ll win your insurance bet back – sort of a commiseration for the guarantee of losing your main bet, really. This game also has a surrender option, which will return half of your initial wager to you and you sit out the remainder of the game. You can play up to five hands simultaneously against the dealer, and place wagers as low as £2 or as high as £100 on each hand. There’s also the possibility of winning when you play a Blackjack Super 21 game with a collection of six cards totalling less than 21, which is known as a six-card Charlie and is paid out immediately, regardless of the dealer’s hand. The main game has a theoretical return to player (RTP) percentage of 99.22%, which is a little lower than some others but still a great number.

Play Blackjack Super 21 Online

Well, this Blackjack Super 21 review has delivered what it promised: an overview of the game, rules and highlights – though I have forgotten to include one of my favourite things about this Super 21 Blackjack game: you can change the colour of the table’s felt! It’s these little extras from Playtech that makes its games feel a bit more customisable and certainly worth a play.

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