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Pontoon is a game that is quite similar to blackjack, but with a few very important differences. Even though it is not as popular as the original game, Pontoon still has its fair share of fans. The most popular game of this type is developed by Playtech – the industry leader in online casino software. You can give it a try for real money at many reputable casinos, but you can see my top recommendation below.

Pontoon by Playtech
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Pontoon might be just the game for you. In this article, we will take a good look at all important aspects of Playtech’s title, analyse the rules, and even give you a free demo version of the game. Once you are done with our article, you will surely know if Pontoon is a game worthy of your hard-earned cash.

Play Pontoon for Free!

When it comes to wagering real money on casino games, you must always go in prepared. Especially when a bit more obscure game like Pontoon is concerned, you must be familiar with the gameplay, rules, and mechanics. That is why we have prepared this free-to-play version of the game – you can practice on it all you want.

Free Embedded Game

This free demo, along with the information in the article, should be enough to give you everything you need to play and win at Pontoon. Don’t make the mistake of jumping into a real money casino game without the proper knowledge and skill!

Rules, Features, and Settings

Pontoon’s objective is identical to blackjack – get a bigger point total than the dealer, without going over 21. Two face-up cards are dealt to every player, and two face-down to the dealer. The latter then checks if they have a Pontoon – which is the same as a Blackjack (an Ace and a 10-value card). After that, the player has the option to Hit, Stand, Double, or Split – all of which are identical to the standard moves in blackjack. When all players are ready with their actions, the dealer reveals their cards and a winner is determined.

The dealer must always hit on a soft 17 or lower, and stand on a hard 17 or higher. Also, in case a Push happens, the dealer wins. Pontoon also utilizes a Five Card Trick rule – if you are dealt five cards without busting, you automatically win, as long as the dealer doesn’t have a Pontoon (natural Blackjack). The game also allows you to play with up to 5 independent hands simultaneously.

The available in-game settings and feature are identical to what all blackjack games by Playtech offer – customisable table, Fast Play, and a handy History tab, where you can see the results of your latest games. Overall, the game looks and feels great, with smooth animations and sharp graphics. Nothing short of what Playtech are expected to deliver.

Play Pontoon for Real Money

If you are interested in trying out Pontoon with real money, make sure you practice a bit first. After that, choose a reputable casino that offers this cool game. You can check out my top recommeded game for this casino below. Don’t forget to make use of that exclusive bonus offer.

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