Lucky Lucky Blackjack Review – A Detailed Description

The entire premise of gambling, regardless of the choice of game or casino, is that there is an element of luck involved. If everything were controllable, then it wouldn’t be wagering money, would it? This game from developer, FELT, certainly fits that category and, with this Lucky Lucky Blackjack review you can play a real money version at my recommended casino below.

Playing a hand of the Lucky Lucky Blackjack game by FELT
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If you’d like to know a bit more about the game before you throw real money on the table, then read on: in the following Lucky Lucky Blackjack review I will detail all of the possible strategic moves, as well as the things you have to leave up to fate. I’ll also walk you through the user experience, design (gameplay design) and the aesthetics of the game such as the visual and audio aspects.

Lucky Lucky Blackjack Rules and Fun Facts

The phrase ‘Try before you buy’ is a cliché for a reason – it’s a good idea pretty much all of the time. The same goes (probably even more so) for online casino games. Make sure that you completely understand all of the Lucky Lucky Blackjack rules before you make bets that actually matter. You can do this by trying the game I’ve included for you below.

The lucky Lucky Blackjack game by FELT.

Had a play? Swell, now I bet if you’re a tad on the new side to playing Lucky Lucky Blackjack online, then you’ll have a few questions. Many of the answers can be found right here, so continue reading to make sure you’ve got as much detail in hand as you can gather.

What You Need to Know to Play Lucky Lucky Blackjack Online

If you have never played this card game before, I recommend you have a read through my dedicated blackjack rules page and familiarise yourself with the basic premise of the game because this section of my Lucky Lucky Blackjack review will go into the details of the game. Good, now you can read on. In this variant, 21 on your first deal, will pay 3:2 and the dealer will hit on 16 and stand on a soft 17. These are standard rules for most online blackjack games, but important to confirm as some versions will try to change it up a bit. Playing the Lucky Lucky Blackjack real money option is a good way to carefully ease oneself into playing with legit cash, as the table limits for a hand go as low as 10p – those are some pretty low stakes. If you’re feeling that the cards are on your side, you can also place bets up to £500 per hand and play up to three hands simultaneously. The theoretical return to player (RTP) for this game is 99.63%, which is fantastic.

Apart from how the game actually works, there’s much to say about the visual aspects of the game, too. The soothing pastel blue of the felt background gives a feeling of a safe atmosphere for the player, but I’d really appreciate one of the pop-up warnings that some online blackjack games have when you click to hit on a hand of 17 or above. Especially as this developer has the hit and stand buttons in the opposite positions as many of the other games available out there. Neither are necessarily wrong, per se, but I definitely accidentally hit the wrong button a few too many times when not paying enough attention. The two buttons are also weirdly right off to the side of the screen, as is the split option, when it pops up, rather than in the centre of play.

The Lucky Lucky Side Bet Explained

The special feature of Lucky Lucky Blackjack online is its side bets. Placing a bet on the shamrock circle puts your money in the ring to win should three cards – your two and the dealer’s face-up card – meet one of a set of criteria. If the three cards add up to a total of 19, 20 or 21, that’s a winning combination, as is finding a six, seven and eight, or three sevens. Even better if those three cards are also matching suits, which pays out massively. However, The RTP for the Lucky Lucky Blackjack game’s side bet is not nearly as favourable as the main game at only 94.14%. This is a really important distinction to make because the side bets are what they say on the box – luck. There is no skill or strategy here, and chances are you won’t get one of the winning combinations.

Play Lucky lucky Blackjack Online

Now that you’ve familiarised yourself with the Lucky Lucky Blackjack rules and features, it’s time to have a try of the game and play with some real money, if you want. There are plenty of other blackjack games to choose from as well, so if there’s anything that made you turn up your nose during the demo or that you read in my Lucky Lucky Blackjack review, don’t feel like you can’t keep looking for a better-suited game. Otherwise, off you trot!

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