Deal or No Deal Blackjack Review – A Tempting Variant

If your living room has been missing its regular visits from Noel Edmonds then Deal or No Deal Blackjack online could be the game for you. Read my Deal or No Deal Blackjack review to try this truly different blackjack variant in which the banker offers you a cash deal that you may choose to accept rather than taking your chances with the hand you have been dealt. While many casinos out there offer this exciting variant, I’ve recommended one of my favourite safe casinos below. If you’ve heard enough, click through to play now.

Playing a hand of the Deal or No Deal Blackjack game by Red Tiger
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This review will test whether this variant stands up to the classic game of blackjack. I’ll take a look at all of the game features, rules and any side bets and give you a chance to play a few hands risk-free in a free demo. Follow along to see how the banker fares against the dealer.

Play Deal or No Deal Blackjack Online for Free

For reading my Deal or No Deal Blackjack review, I present a gift, dear game show fan. Below is a free play version of the Deal or No Deal Blackjack game. It’s absolutely worth playing a few hands before you shoot off the play for real, just to get comfy with the rules and features, and to make sure you get all of those tempting impulse clicks on the ‘deal’ button out of your system before betting any real money. This variant can be quite exciting and it’s important to remain level-headed when wagering your own funds. Go on, have a play and I’ll see you below to continue the review.

The Deal or No Deal Blackjack game by Red Tiger.

Now that that’s out of the way I’ve one more piece of advice for you. Have a quick read through the Deal or No Deal Blackjack rules to be sure there’s nothing you’ve missed. It would be a shame to get deep into play before you realise the game doesn’t offer side bets if that’s something you love in a game of blackjack. If having a look at the official game rules sounds like a bit too much work for you, no problem, just keep reading to find the section of my Deal or No Deal Blackjack review that discusses the game rules.

The Deal or No Deal Blackjack Rules

Underneath the flashy gameshow façade, the Deal or No Deal Blackjack game is just a good old-fashioned game of blackjack and all of that fancy stuff can be switched off at the press of a button should you find the base game more your speed. All normal blackjack rules apply, should you need to brush up. I’ll take it for granted that you know that you are playing against the dealer in a race to be dealt blackjack or as close to 21 as possible without going over. Whoever has the highest card score without going bust wins. This version is played with eight fresh decks of cards and the dealer must stand on 17. You can play up to three hands at once which makes for a little more excitement. The normal payouts apply with blackjack paying 3:2 and insurance 2:!.

Deal or No Deal Blackjack online has an RTP of 99.33%, which is ever so slightly lower than traditional options, however, the game allows the player to choose their rate of return more accurately by offering actual cash amounts from the banker. You might note from the table above that this variant does not have any side bets, keep reading to see how the game makes up for this.

Deal or No Deal – What Does It Mean?

You might wonder how this gameshow could be a good fit for blackjack, it’s a good question and fortunately, there is a good answer. Many games of 21 offer a surrender option, should the player chicken out of their bet they can get half of it back instead of playing out the hand. The Deal or No Deal Blackjack rules are similar in that the banker offers the player varying amounts depending on what cards they have been dealt. However, the player can stand to make more than just their bet back with this variant. Should the player have a poor hand, the offer will be lower than the bet, but should the hand be very good, the banker will make you an offer that might tempt you away from playing the hand. Usually near double your bet. This can make taking the ‘deal’ or not a very difficult decision for players. Do you take the cold hard cash or wait to see if your hand can beat the dealer? Either way, it’s a fun idea and can really enhance the blackjack gameplay.

Play The Blackjack Variant for Real Money

Playing Deal or No Deal Blackjack online is just about the most fun I’ve had all week, so I can honestly recommend this take on a classic. I hope you’ve found this Deal or No Deal Blackjack review fair and informative; if, you’re ready to play this game for real money, hit that red button to be taken to play it at my top casino recommendation and take advantage of that sign-up bonus. If you’re not convinced head off to check out the plethora of other blackjack variants I’ve reviewed.