Blackjack Super 7’s Multi Hand Review and Free Demo

Blackjack is a simple game at its core. So why are there hundreds (if not thousands) of 21 games out there? One word: variants. The subtle differences in rules and the side bets are king in online versions. The Blackjack Super 7’s Multi Hand rules let you take on the dealer with up to three hands at once, as well as introducing a fun side bet. The game is available at most iSoftBet casinos, but I have laid out my top recommendation for you below. Without further ado, let’s get into this Blackjack Super 7’s Multi Hand review.

A hand of the Blackjack Super 7's Multi Hand game from iSoftBet.
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This Blackjack Super 7’s Multi Hand review will take you through the main rules of the variant as well as explain the side bet in full.

Try It for Free!

It’s always good to get a feel for a game before you stake your own money. This is especially true when there are side bets involved, as there is with this game. You can try Blackjack Super 7’s Multi Hand free just below.

The Blackjack Super 7's Multi Hand game from iSotfBet

In addition to trying the demo, I recommend that you read the rules below, just to make sure that you know what the score is before playing for real money. However, I have included everything you will need to know in the next section of this Blackjack Super 7’s Multi Hand review.

The Blackjack Super 7’s Multi Hand Rules

The Blackjack Super 7’s Multi Hand online game follows the standard rules of the game. The aim is, as always, to reach as high a number as possible without going over 21. To win you need to have a valid score and be above the dealer. If you tie then the bet is pushed (returning your original bet to you). The simple interpretation of the classic allows for a generous 99.59& RTP.

The main thing to be aware of in the Blackjack Super 7’s Multi Hand rules is the specifics about splits and doubles. If you are dealt two matching cards, you have the option to split. Many games don’t allow you to hit as normal after splitting, instead dealing once per card, but the rules allow you to hit freely, except for split aces. After your initial cards have been dealt, you can choose to double your bet. You will receive one extra card but will not be allowed to hit after that.

Super 7’s

Below the main bets staked, you will see a smaller circle with a large number seven logo emblazoned on the felt. This is where you can place your side-bet. You can bet up to one chip on this at a time. If you are dealt a seven in your first two cards you will win the side-bet, with winnings paid at a rate of 3:1. A pair of sevens pays 5:1 while two sevens of the same suit pays 100:1. Three sevens of different suits pays at 500:1 and if you get three sevens in a row of the same suit, the payout is a whopping 5000:1. You should be aware, however, that the return to player rate for side bets is almost always lower than the RTP for the full game. So, if you like the possibility of a larger payout, then they can be fun. But if you are trying to optimise your chance of breaking even or making money, this side bet (as with almost any other) is probably not the best way forward.

Take on the Game for Real Money

Congratulations, you made it through my Blackjack Super 7’s Multi Hand review, and now you can say you fully understand the important rules of the game. Once you’ve had a chance to try the full demo, you’ll be ready to play for real money. All that you need now is to know where to play. Check out my recommended casino for the game below, and have a look at the welcome offer for new players. If you’re still in the market for your perfect variant, have a look at my list of recommended blackjack games.

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